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New Edge e³ Restaurant Software is Extensive, cost and time Efficient and Easy to use. Designed to manage and organize food and beverage establishments, you can reduce the time spend on tedious paper work and calculate cost and profits accurately down to the cents and prevent wastages. Cut down on precious man-hours doing stock check or hand-written requisition list with our built-in software features. This will be the state-of-the-art software that brings your business to a new level of cost efficiency!

  • Organize your daily events and work schedule using our built-in calendar which is linked to a schedule planner. It allows you to view all the staff working on a particular date, any delivery from supplier and the event or function on that day.

  • A staff database stores all staff particulars and provides an efficient mean of tracing all additional man-hours that the staffs have accumulated. Any off-in-lieu, medical or annual leave taken will also be automatically taken into account.

  • Your present suppliers and requisition list will be categorized and entered into a database. View by supplier or search by food category.

  • Prices, alternate packaging, suppliers and brands. All are available at a glance. Forget about flipping stacks of supplier quotations just for one item.

  • Compare the pre-calculated price per unit, product origins and packaging options. Don’t just order the lowest priced item but order the best quality with the best value.

  • Generate purchase order to ease your faxing and calls. The program will detect if the delivery date is in conflict with public holidays or supplier off-days. The software even reminds you if the minimum purchase requirement is not met prior to printing.

Inventory Control
  • Inventory is broken down into Open Inventory, Total Requisition and Closing Inventory for easy monitoring and stock control.

  • Any requisition orders printed with the software will be added to the Total Requisition list. This list will keep track of all purchases made until inventory is closed. Enter any delivery rejection or ad hoc items to make on-the-spot adjustment to stock level. You can even adjust the price differences upon delivery if there’s any price fluctuation.

  • Generate a stock check list and make any adjustments due to spoilage, pilferage, or breakage. Enter the stock remaining and close the inventory. The expended stock will be calculated with the adjustments, giving you the overall food/beverage cost.

  • Summary reports could be generated and profit could be obtained by simply entering the sales and overheads. A good way to track sales performance.

  • Create a Recipe Costing using ingredients from your requisition database, pre-calculated mis en place or self -enter any items not purchased from the suppliers. (e.g. from local market or store)

  • Create mis en place components to be incorporated into a recipe. This reduces the need to re-enter basic preparation for different recipes. (E.g. once the price of ‘brown sauce’ is calculated, you can just add the cost of any ingredients needed to create any sauce variations)

  • Calculations are done by the program using the exact figures unless specified. The difference in pricing arising from rounding off figures manually can have a big impact on large purchases or menu pricing in the long run.

  • Ingredients required, miscellaneous allowance, selling price and yield could be easily adjusted with a few simple clicks. You can play ‘what if’ situations to view instant results by changing these figures.

  • Input the method of cooking and pictures of plate turnout for easy and detailed reference. Print with the options of including prices and photos.

  • A maintenance section offers functions to update your company or your suppliers’ information, product and price lists. This allows you to constantly update your own database without relying on long-term technical support; which ultimately eliminates further maintenance cost.

System Requirements

The software requires the following minimum:
  • Pentium III 500Mhz
  • 128Mb RAM
  • Windows 2000 SE

Best viewed at 1024x768
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